Newspress is the official automotive news source for journalists.

Welcome to Newspress, the premier global provider of digital media to automotive journalists

For more than 40 years, Newspress has been assisting top automotive PR departments and consultancies with their media communications. Please find details of the services offered by Newspress below.

Newspress is the official automotive news source for journalists.

  • Live press release news feed
  • Accredited journalists access all the press releases of the automotive industry in a clear and orderly manner, together with their photo gallery and HD videos
  • RSS and Twitter feeds available
Automotive Press Releases

Targeted distributions to growing database of more than 40,000 contacts

  • Bespoke, real-time press release alerts, getting your news straight into the inboxes of the automotive media
  • Newspress is a trusted and valued source of email information, adding credibility and deliverability to your communications
E-mail Inbox

Custom content-managed website design, specialising in online media portals

  • In-house developed international language CMS used to build fast, efficient and effective media websites
  • Newspress provides over 30 media websites, including McLaren Automotive (global), Bentley (global), Mercedes-Benz and Skoda
  • Complete package includes site design and build, editorial content support and management, technical support and web hosting
McLaren media website screenshot

Clear, concise, professional press packs in both digital and printed formats

  • Complete digital press pack production for portable devices (USB devices, CD/DVD, smartphone etc) and for hosting on media websites
  • Designed for the automotive media with the help of the automotive media – editorial experts identify perfect press pack format
  • Professionally researched, written and translated automotive press pack authoring also available
Digital Press Pack

Editorially focused film teams produce the best automotive video content

  • Cost effective video filming, editing and production in an editorial style - distinct from marketing/advertising footage
  • Videos provided direct to the content-hungry media through the rapidly growing Newspress Video Library
  • Broadcast quality video now offered for download along with a range of web-ready film formats
Video Editing Desk

Custom online invitations enhance event planning for both clients and journalists

  • Invitations sent to targeted media lists using tailored emails and specially constructed microsites
  • Manage invitees via online tools showing RSVP results, flight preferences, dietary requirements etc
Bespoke Invitation

Team of media experts available to provide support to in-house PR teams

  • Newspress Editorial Board made up of leading journalists feeds back advice and guidance to the automotive PR industry
  • Media and PR consultation services available to in-house and agency teams and individuals in the automotive field
Pr Support Solutions In-House
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