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Day Trippin’ – Rayvolt UK E-Bikes’ starring role in new film

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The UK’s effortlessly cool premium E-bike brand has let two of its exclusive designs, the ultimate in high-style personal mobility, take starring roles in a new short film, shot in association with Flat-Out Creative.

The Rayvolt UK Cruzer and Torino are beautifully shot in this summery short feature, which demonstrates that whether it’s the inner city or the seaside, it’s all about enjoying the journey. The eye-catching, retro designs of the E-bikes are the ultimate in modern mobility. With style to spare, they boast beauty and sophistication, advanced technology and, with custom leatherwork, copper accents and retro-style accessories, they really stand out in any crowd.

Rayvolt UK Managing Director Graham Kresfelder commented “This film really shows off these two gorgeous models, the Torino and the Cruzer, to the fullest. Easy to charge and easy to ride, you have the benefits of full customization of both frames and accessories, as well as the fully adjustable motor settings via the Rayvolt app, they slip effortlessly into everyday life. Not only is the styling the height of retro cool, but the technology is cutting edge and the build quality superb.”

Shot in the UK, the film highlights some of the many exciting features of Rayvolt UK’s range. Above and beyond the exquisite styling, both bikes feature fast charging - with a full charge achievable at home in just 4-6 hours. The lightweight, high-power batteries give a range of up to 50 miles using electric power alone, and more with pedal input from the rider. While both E-bikes are powerful machines, with up to 1000 watts of power available from a compact 48V motor, intuitive control is made easy for the rider with a thumb-controlled throttle and motor cut-out activated by touching the powerful hydraulic brakes.

All Rayvolt E-bikes allow for a fully customised riding experience, thanks to the ingenious Rayvolt App. Using this connected technology, all aspects of the bikes’ performance can be tweaked to suit the rider, from the regenerative braking settings, through to throttle response and top speed.

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About Rayvolt UK
Rayvolt UK provides electric micro-mobility solutions that are enjoyable to own and experience. With a clean-sheet design and smartphone-app integration, each is hand-finished before delivery and can be personalised with a range of accessories and bespoke services. With a focus on quality, its e-Bikes use the highest quality components and engineering and provides the very best customer care from a UK-based service centre.

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Rayvolt UK

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